3 great Things to do in Cambridge

Cambridge has many attractions including its fair share of museums, theatres, bars and restaurants to keep everyone entertained but there a few things to do in this fascinating city that should be on every visitor’s list.

Drift along the River Cam

The River Cam cuts through the centre of the city and flows through beautiful countryside before joining the Great Ouse near the East Anglian city of Ely. Taking a leisurely trip along the river on a sightseeing barge known as a punt is an unforgettable experience especially if you hire one complete with a chauffeur to do all the hard work. You’ll sail between the university’s colleges and pass under famous bridges such as the Bridge of Sighs, an ancient stone-covered bridge. You’ll be following in the footsteps of the poets, Lord Byron and Rupert Brooke who both loved the river and for romantics, such a trip rivals those on the canals of Venice. The countryside is picturesque and leads to popular picnic grounds near the village of Grantchester.

Visit a Museum

There are enough museums to keep visitors occupied for days but one of the most interesting is the Fitzwilliam Museum. The building’s interior is an architectural masterpiece that dates back to the Regency splendour of 1816. It has exhibitions of famous works of art by Canaletto, Turner, Monet and Van Gogh to name but a few. There is an extensive display on ancient Egypt and bronze statues reputed to be by the Renaissance artist, Michaelangelo. Meanwhile, the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Science, situated in Cambridge’s Downing Street was unveiled as a museum in 1904 by King Edward VII. It concentrates on exhibitions displaying a fascinating collection of more than a million dinosaur bones and fossils. Many rocks and artefacts collected by Charles Darwin during his voyage of discovery on HMS Beagle back in 1831 are amongst some of the museum’s most popular exhibits. There are also additional short-term exhibitions on related topics.

Enjoy an Event at Midsummer Common

Not far from the banks of the River Cam is Cambridge’s Midsummer Common, a large, open grassy space. It has been used for events such as the Midsummer Fair since 1211 by permission of King John. Over the centuries the Fair has had many guises trading in a variety of goods such as porcelain, local produce and horses. As the Strawberry Fair, local musicians regularly entertain huge crowds who visit the stalls laden with handmade crafts. There are numerous events throughout the year including a fun fair with side shows and roller-coaster rides, bicycle races, mini marathon runs and Fireworks Night in November. Cambridge’s Beer Festival has also grown in popularity since it began in the 1970s. Whenever you visit Cambridge you are sure to find an event on Midsummer Common. Renting luxurious accommodation from Signet Apartments is ideal for visiting Cambridge’s many attractions at any time of the year.


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