The importance of kerb appeal

Appearance is everything and this is especially true for houses that go on the market. Enticing a buyer is the aim of every seller, so a property must appear in top condition if it’s to win over homeowners. Simple actions like tidying the garden, improving the driveway and upgrading fencing can all improve kerb appeal. Other homeowners like to hide wheelie bins, clean gutters and add external lights to make their property more appealing.

Create an important first impression

Some buyers will decide within the first few minutes of seeing a property, so if you’re about to put your house up for sale, it’s worth looking at any improvements that can be made. Once they’ve had a home buyers survey Essex buyers will focus on whether they’ve fallen in love with your property, so it pays to work hard on visual appeal.

Most improvements are simple and cost-effective, for example a simple weeding of the path and clearing the gutters. Some jobs can be done by the owners themselves, but if you are seeking professional help, shop around for the best quotation.

According to Property Reporter, a makeover to entice would-be buyers can be achieved for under £2,000.

Home buyers survey is easily obtained

For those moving on, cash also comes into play, and for most, a survey is worth every penny. If you’re looking to commission a home buyers survey Essex has plenty of specialist providers.

Pay attention to windows, doors, the driveway, plants and lawns, as these are key features that will catch prospective buyers’ eyes. To ensure a warm welcome at the front door, some freshly planted flowers and a colourful hanging basket will give a positive first impression. Make sure the front door is clean and if necessary, fit a new handle and letterbox, and always look for litter which can have a negative impact. Spruce up the lawn by removing any fallen leaves, keep it cut, and consider using a feed to help it last through autumn.

The ‘wow factor’ is, of course, essential in the selling process. Setting aside a few weeks to complete these small jobs can make your home stand out from the competition and maybe give the asking price a welcome boost. Consider your budget and plan carefully, so you can spend wisely on upgrading your house.

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