3 Security Features Your Business in NYC Needs Today

A lot of things happened in 2020 that nobody could have seen coming. In fact, the year was like no other in recent history. Being that things have yet to settle, and there is still a pandemic going strong, you may find yourself worrying about the safety of your business. In order to have a safe place of business, here are three essentials you should invest in today.

  1. A Vault

Having a vault in your business can ensure your most valuable inventory, along with the end of day cash sales, remain protected when you leave for the evening. A vault can even provide protection during the day if your business deals in high-value merchandise. You’ll want to have a built-in vault created rather than buying one that can be carried away or opened with enough determination. First, find a reputable local vault manufacturer and then obtain the necessary vault permits NYC.

  1. Cameras

Whether your cameras are monitored by security or not, simply having cameras installed on your premises can deter a thief. Camera installation has become more affordable for the do-it-yourself type person in recent years. They also come with storage cards that can capture from several days to several weeks worth of video and pictures. If someone does break-in, at least you’ll have a good chance of finding them and recovering your merchandise.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

People are less likely to break into a building that is well lit for the obvious reason that they don’t want a neighbor to see them and call the police. Having a motion sensor on your lighting can not only cut down the expense of keeping the area lit but make a prowler question whether or not someone is actually in the building.

With a small investment, you can protect your business and the people who enter it. Knowing your business is safe will help you sleep better at night.



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