The Direction of Your Windows Impact the Environment

Many people are opting for energy-efficient homes. They save on energy costs and help protect the environment. However, not all sustainable houses are the same.

When shopping for sustainable housing like NetZero homes Arizona, you need to look for specific features. In some instances, you need to hire a professional to inspect a house, but even an amateur home shopper can spot certain things. Something as simple as where windows are placed can significantly impact your environmental impact. Keep reading to learn more about window placement and how educating yourself about the sun’s patterns can save you money and provide a more sustainable home for you and your family.

Good sunlight planning can mitigate the need for artificial light. A well-planned, energy-efficient home will have its windows positioned purposefully. For example:

  • Windows facing North and East limit the amount of sunlight allowed into the house. However, East facing windows are suitable for kitchens because they allow natural light in the morning but keep it dark during the day when you might generate more heat from the appliances. Energy-conscious designers try to keep North-facing windows smaller so that less heat can escape.
  • West and South pointed windows are exposed to the most amount of sunlight. Westward-facing windows see the sunset but might generate a lot of heat in the summer months. South-facing windows get natural light for most of the day and are useful for living rooms or sunrooms. You may consider investing in blinds or shades for when the sunlight gets to be too much.

Sustainability is about more than intelligent window design. However, starting small and being conscious about the windows in your home is not an insignificant step towards more efficient energy usage. Once you take that first step, it will only get easier to work towards a more sustainable home.

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