6 Reasons Why You Should Partner With a Foundation to Make a Donation

There are many benefits of partnering with a foundation, especially if you want to donate. Foundations help nonprofit organisations with education, advertising, and many more practices. If you’re thinking of contributing, learning the benefits of partnering with a local foundation is worth your time.

  1. Most Donations Are Fully Tax-Deductible

A partnership with a foundation allows you to carry forward unused deductions for up to five years. Still, it also enables you to maximise your adjusted gross income (AGI), which can be deducted from your taxes.

  1. You Can Make an Irreversible Impact With a Small Donation

The opportunity to make a difference with a small donation is one of the most exciting benefits of partnering with a foundation. Rather than donating to something that may be used for other purposes or help fund an organisation, you can contribute to a specific cause and have an irreversible impact.

  1. You Can Know That Your Gift Will Be Used Efficiently, Ethically, and Effectively

When you donate through a foundation, an added layer of trust comes with the donation. If you don’t know exactly where your donation is going or how it will be used, the foundation can help. Foundations exist because people want to make sure their donations have the most significant impact possible.

  1. Keep Your Legacy Alive With a Named Fund Administered by a Foundation

You can decide how you want the fund to be invested, what causes it will support, and restrictions on where the money is spent. By giving through a named fund administered by a foundation, you can be sure that whatever cause is most important to you will be supported for generations to come.

  1. You Can Still Be Involved in the Cause You Love

If you donate assets directly to a charity, it’s like giving them away forever. You have no say in what happens to the assets after that. However, with a private foundation, your involvement doesn’t end when you give money—you remain involved for as long as you want.

  1. Foundations Provide an Opportunity for Growth

The dollars you invest in your fund grow over time, providing more money for future generations to give away than what you invested initially! With the help of a professional investment adviser, your fund can be invested in assets that provide positive investment returns. The rate of return on investments will vary depending on certain factors.


While it may seem harder to donate to charity than to give money directly, there are many benefits to partnering with a foundation. By partnering with an excellent nonprofit organisation, individual donors can feel better about where their money is going – they can be confident that every dollar will go towards serving their chosen cause. In addition, charitable foundations provide individual donors with the structure and resources needed to make their donations count. Check out the Stefan Soloviev foundation to learn more about their courses.

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