Packing Tips to Eliminate Stress

Moving is a pain no matter when you do it. One way to make it easier, though, is to create a timeline and have a plan of action. Keeping to a schedule will make you feel in control of a very disconcerting time in your life.

Keep the Goal in Mind

Remember that the goal of a move, no matter the circumstances, is to get set up in a new place. Hopefully, it is the home of your dreams, but even if you need emergency housing Newport Beach CA due to unforeseen circumstances, the time will come when your boxes are unpacked and the chaos has been tamed. Try to visualize this as you work to pack up your home or apartment.

Declutter as You Pack

The less you must pack, the faster the packing will go. Try to declutter as you box up your belongings. Keep a big box or several bags set aside just for your donations and trash. Make these containers easy to get to so you don’t end up just throwing everything in the box.  If, however, time is of the essence, you can pack it all and sort it later. You may even find that in your new space many items don’t go as well and so are easier to get rid of without the memories attached to them.

Pack Your Suitcase First

Just like keeping an overnight bag handy when you’re pregnant, keep a suitcase of essentials packed and out of the way. It may be inconvenient to open your bag every time you need to brush your teeth, but it will enable you to clear out your bathroom completely, for example, without worrying about whether or not you will need something later. The same goes for clothes and shoes. Load up what you can survive on for a few weeks into a suitcase and then get busy packing up the rest.

Set Up Several Boxes

Set up several boxes in a variety of sizes. This will enable you to pack quickly. Imagine what the bagger does at the store with your groceries. He can decide where an item fits best and rapidly rearrange if necessary. This system also helps you keep boxes light enough to lift. Distribute books and other heavy items evenly among all the boxes. Then pack in bedding or clothes and top with knick-knacks and another soft layer of fabric or bubble wrap.

Packing can be stressful whether you have months or just days to think about it. Creating a plan will help mitigate the stress. Before you know it, you will be popping a bottle of champagne in your new digs.

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