Things To Know About Land Surveys

Land surveys are used to distinguish property lines. They are often conducted when you purchase property or a home, but they can be conducted any time. You should definitely invest in a survey if you plan to build on a piece of property, even if you are only building a fence or outbuilding. However, before you search “residential land surveying in my area,” you need to know a few things about land surveying.

How It’s Done

Land surveys require precise measurements. Therefore, technology, such as optical tools that measure angles, GPS systems, and altimeters, are used to identify your property’s boundaries. These professionals also use software and other technology, such as 3D scanners, to develop detailed reports about your land, including its topography and boundaries.

What Surveys Cover

Not only will a proper land survey provide you with your property’s boundary lines, but it also identifies the current locations of buildings on the land. Surveys also identify the best locations for new buildings by identifying the land’s topography that could impede its use. Utilities and easements, such as alleys and rights of way, are also found. Water resources, including underground aquifers and wetlands, are also discussed on surveys. In addition, joint property, such as a joint driveway, is identified. Even old cemeteries can be found through surveying your property.

A knowledgeable surveyor will inform you about any zoning or property building restrictions, such as the height, dimension and setbacks, required for buildings on the property.


Most local surveyors offer free consultations and can provide you with a full survey cost during this consultation. Cost may be affected by the land’s topography and availability. In addition, if your property’s government records are easily accessible, the survey will be less expensive. You can decide if you want a detailed map or if flagging the property’s corners and sides is enough. If you have the deed and local government information about the land, you can significantly reduce the cost of your survey.

A property survey is important and can keep you from making costly mistakes as you purchase and build on your land. However, do your research and hire a reputable surveyor from your area.


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