Tips for Choosing a Land Surveyor

If you are interested in purchasing property, are disputing over property lines or want to build structures on a property you own, you may need your land surveyed. However, you may feel a bit unsure about how to find a reputable surveyor. Before searching “residential land surveying in my area,” consider these tips for choosing a great company.

Ask for Recommendations

If you have been told to get your land surveyed, the person who told you should have some recommendations. You may also ask any friends or family members who have had their land surveyed recently. Others in the construction or real estate industry should also be able to provide you with good recommendations.

Conduct Further Research

The United States requires land surveyors to have a license. However, a license does not always ensure that the services will be great. Therefore, search for companies that have won awards and those with a history and proven track record of reliable, accurate services. They should also provide exceptional customer service. Verify the education and experience of every company you are considering. Ask for and contact their references as well. Search online reviews for any outstanding claims or discrepancies.

Review their Tools

Land surveys require specialized tools and technologies. Electronic distance and angle measurement equipment and GPS tools provide accurate and efficient land surveys. The most advanced tools allow your surveyor to charge less because it takes much less time to survey your land.

Evaluate Their Costs

You may be looking for a deal, but the cheapest surveyor may not be the best choice. Many of the cheaper surveys result in errors that cause long-term challenges, which require that you pay a higher cost to fix these mistakes and have the land resurveyed. Survey costs are based on the location, size of the land, type of survey, terrain and accessibility, vegetation, season and the amount of detail you need in the survey. Choose a surveyor whose cost is not too high or too low.

If you have questions about your land’s borders, contract a reputable land survey company.

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