Do You Want to Invest Your Money in Tulum Investment Property?

Tulum is known as a destination for the best high rental-yielding beach town globally. Among all the real estate advisors, Tulum has become a trendy choice for those who are interested in investing at a very fast pace. That is the main reason why Tulum is now getting worldwide attraction, as it is a very safe and attractive opportunity for investment.

By TripAdvisor, Tulum was ranked as the number 1 destination in 2016 and recognized by them as having the top beaches available in the world. Most real estate advisors will consider this investment as one of the most attractive Tulum real estate investments.

Tulum is a very small beach town located around 90 minutes drive from south Cancun and just 45 minutes north of Playa del Carmen. Tulum now is reminiscent of Playa del Carmen. Fifteen years back, Playa was a little fishing community that grew into an international city swiftly. Consider the profit that you would make now in case you had purchased the property in Playa about 15 years ago.

Now Tulum is offering a new opportunity because now it is also heading almost in the same way, but Tulum it looks like has a little different approach while developing the area. All the developers who have invested in Tulum are fully dedicated to maintaining all the homes quite eco-friendly and also trying to preserve the natural beauty of Tulum.

As far as environmental regulations are concerned, in Tulum, they are ensuring that it remains a perfect place full of serenity and also close to nature. Most of the development taking place in Tulum will remain limited because it has been framed by the national park, Mayan ruins, and the reserve of Sian Ka’an Biosphere.

Tulum is now in the Mexican Caribbean, the fastest growing market for real estate, and now is the right time for investing. The growing popularity of the area has resulted in a scarcity of hotels and rentals. As the demand for houses in Tulum develops, the real estate value in Tulum will keep on rising in the coming years.

Why must you invest in this Tulum real estate?

Right now, buying any real estate property in Tulum can be the best investment decision. There are so many luxury condos coming up, and their appreciation of value is now beating even the stock market. You can easily expect a minimum growth in the tune of 8 to 15%, which will be just an average return on your investment.

So far, the average expected yearly returns from most of the stock markets have been just within 5.43%, as per the reports available. Generally, most people plan their retirement on these returns.

While calculating, you must factor in the yearly inflation rates and then the return will further drop from 4.4% to 5.4%.

Why will Tulum Mexico Real Estate be better than stock investment?

Real estate is inherently anti-inflationary. Since 2000, it has delivered returns of almost 10.71% or higher. Real estate has always outperformed the stock market since the year 2000 by a factor of two. Many people also, therefore, inquire whether foreigners can buy land In Tulum. It is always a smarter and also safer investment choice!

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