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Does everyone tell you that staging a home is an expensive process that takes a lot of time? Well, you can forget about that. We’ve all been there. You want to sell your house, so it seems like the appearance is everything. And that is not far away from the truth. However, upgrading the looks of your home doesn’t have to come with a hefty price. You can do this for not much money at all. Unfortunately, staging a home is not a magic potion that will sell your house for much more than it is worth, but you can benefit from it. Positives of this are usually measured by the time in which your home sells. And we all want to sell as soon as we can. So here are some home staging tips on a budget.

Clean everything, and clean it good

Have you ever been in a hotel and thought about how welcoming and warm it was later. Well, that is because the hotel staff cleans everything daily for it to be appealing. Try to match that quality when cleaning your house. Do everything that is required, and that means dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and of course, washing.

Homebuyers love to see everything, so don’t be surprised if they look under your sink or inside closets. This means that you will need to make every nook and cranny as sparkly as it can get. Also, remember that chipped paint, carpet dents and things similar to those shouldn’t be acceptable. If something doesn’t look good even after cleaning, maybe it’s time for it to go. There are many budget-friendly junk removal solutions and you can choose any of them. If you can, get a friend or any other impartial person to assess your work before you start showing your house around.

Prepare well and clean your house thoroughly. Alttag: A girl ready for cleaning as part of home staging tips on a budget.


This is so obvious that it is a mystery how some homeowners are managing to forget about it. If there’s junk in your home, homebuyers will get a sensation that you don’t care about your home. And if you don’t, why should they? Now, the good thing about decluttering is that it doesn’t cost any money. You just need to go room by room and throw away anything you don’t need or use. It’s an even better idea to donate to a charity or someone less fortunate if you can. Don’t put all of your clutter in the closet. Buyers, as we already mentioned, love to inspect closets so this is never a smart idea. If you have too much stuff to throw away, using a dumpster when removing junk is a manageable plan.

When you’re finished with cleaning and decluttering, pack all of your private things and memories away. People are coming to take a look at your house, not your photos. It will be much easier for them to imagine living there if space is depersonalized. This will ultimately lead to a quicker sale and that’s what we want.

Mix furniture

The interior of a house can sometimes seem plain if everything is in the same colors or patterns. Be sure to mix things up a little bit. Different fabrics, colors, and even completely mismatched furniture pieces can make a room much more visually appealing. If a room feels cramped and claustrophobic, bring some of the furniture out from it, and into another room. This will bring much more air into it and it will feel larger. Think about tiny home design, and don’t make a small room even smaller.

Another one of the home staging tips on a budget is about refreshing the kitchen. It can be easily done with a simple bucket of paint. Just paint your cabinets or kitchen island a different color from the walls. This way, you’ll make the thing you painted a focal point.

One of the biggest home staging tips on a budget is to mix furniture pieces and colors. Alttag: Living room with mixed furniture.

Home staging tips on a budget – Make your home warm

If you want to make it to the final process of the home sale, your home will have to be warm and welcoming. And the best way to make it that way is to add natural features to your interior decoration. Think about your geographical location and use elements that reflect it. If you live in the middle of the field, use dried flowers, twigs, wheat, and woods. If you live by the ocean, seashells and coral decorations are a way to go.

Don’t think that this doesn’t affect you if you live in a city. On the contrary, adding natural elements is vital. A simple flower or a plant in every room is enough to soften the blow of the city. Put a bucket of flowers onto your front porch. It’s welcoming and can be understood as a glimpse of how beautiful life is in your house.

Decorations made of wheat always look fantastic on the rustic piece of furniture. Alttag: Wheat on an old cupboard.

Make your home smell nice

We, the people have just so many senses. And since the smell is one of them you should definitely try to make your home smell nice.  Now, there are many things that can be reasons for the smell in your house. Anything from pets and food, all the way to the sink. However, there is a problem. Our bodies become immune to the smells of our home with time. This is where you’ll have to call a neighbor or a friend and ask them to smell your house. It may seem strange, but you’ll be surprised how many odors you didn’t even notice.

It’s simple. If your home smells bad, none of the home staging tips on a budget will be able to help you. And after you have rid of all your home bad smells, it’s time to make it smell heavenly. Here, you can use things like burning cinnamon sticks or any other kind of air fresheners that are available these days. On the other hand, it’s always a good idea to use a smell that we all know and love. Bake some cookies, or brew some coffee. This will make your home feel even more like home.

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