Moving to Montreal? Why You Should Consider Laval

It’s an easy decision to pick Montreal as your new home. But you also need to find the right neighbourhood. If you are looking for recommendations, you may want to look into Laval. It’s a good idea to check out Laval houses for sale for the following reasons:

Real Estate is Generally Affordable

This means you won’t be paying too much for your home, unlike in other places in Montreal where the prices have become out of reach. Of course, there are luxury homes here in Laval as well if you want your home to be more upscale.

Plenty of Parks

One of the reasons why you don’t really need your home to relax is that here you have lots of parks where you can spend time. There are parks here in the hundreds, and you can relax, meet up with friends, or enjoy some outdoor activities. You have parks with pools and playgrounds, along with parks on the waterfront for some excellent views.

The largest park in the area is Centre de la nature, and it’s about 50 hectares in size. Within its boundaries you can find lots of walking and hiking paths, lakes where you can ride a canoe, and even a pony carousel for the kids.

Easy Access to Montreal

Driving to Montreal only takes a very short while. You can get there from the center of Laval through the Autoroute 15 and you can take the Autoroute 13 if you’re on the western part of Laval.

Even if you don’t have a car of your own, you can always take the metro, bus, or commuter train. You can also find a transit system in Laval so that traveling from one area to another is a breeze. It’s even better if you have your own car though, as you enjoy wide roads.

Great Shopping

You can always just go to Carrefour Laval, as so many people do even from outside the neighbourhood. It’s a popular attraction since it’s the largest shopping center in Quebec. Here you get your pick of the biggest department stores and upscale boutiques, and then you can rest in the bars and restaurants afterwards.

Another terrific option is the Centropolis. This time you have an outdoor shopping complex with a cinema along with foodie treats.

Culinary Delights

The Carrefour and the Centropolis are obvious destinations for foodies, as they have a huge range of restaurants and cafes inside their areas. You’ve got too many options to choose from, starting with comfort food up to gourmet meals. In the older parts of Laval you may discover a few hidden gems that the locals like to keep secret. One of these is Le Mitoyen in Sainte-Dorothée, with food so good that every online review for the place tends to give it perfect marks.

Lots of Schools

For many families with young children, the educational prospects are crucial, and that’s one of the ways in which Laval is superior to other neighbourhoods. Here you have more than a hundred schools to choose from for elementary and high schools. These include private high schools along with facilities for higher education.

Terrific Nightlife

You can always easily head on out to Montreal for the nightlife. But for an evening on the town, you can just as easily have a great time staying in Laval. It has its own share of bars and clubs when you can go out with friends and have a blast. There’s the Red Lite Afterhours with VIP areas on the 2nd floor for starters.

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