Setting Up Your Home Theater

While you are isolated at home, you might miss the experience of being at the theater. You can duplicate the sound and picture of watching newly released movies in your home by setting up a system at home. Here are the steps to do so.

Gather the Equipment

Schedule a date for your satellite dish installation columbus and determine where you want it placed. It can go on the roof or in your yard if there is a clear space that can see the sky. Research the type of receiver you want as well as a DVD player, media streamer, or any other equipment that you need to get started. You will also want to purchase speakers and a subwoofer. Once you have chosen the components that will fit best, place an order for them.

Connecting the Equipment

Study the directions that come with your equipment to see how they suggest that you attach everything. You will want to have tools on hand to accomplish this. A screwdriver, wrench, and wire strippers will come in handy. If you order the pieces online, there will be some assembly to get everything ready. Assemble the speakers and any stands that come with them. Mount the television to the wall but be cautious that it is secure.

Spacing Your Speakers

Set the speakers around the perimeter of the room then run the wire back to the receiver. The central speaker should be somewhere on the entertainment center, possibly stacked on the receiver or other equipment. The subwoofer should be on the side of the television, also on the shelf. The front speakers should face you at an angle about equal distance from the television. The surround sound should be behind you a little and mounted above the audience. Test them to see if you like how they sound and then adjust if necessary.


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