Sustain the resident to control the risk

The residential property you live in or rent it out to tenants has to be maintained on a priority basis to deliver safe and a wholesome atmosphere to the person occupying it. Relying on prevention measures to control the uncertain risk requires attention and property maintenance. Property maintenance is simple terms that can be broken down as looking after minor to major problems in the building that needs to fix on a priority basis. Some ways to look after it are –

  • Regular check is done by professionals of the mechanical and technical systems of the building or a house.
  • Maintain a place to dump the garbage to ensure the area/house is infection-free. ● Checking the leakage, looking after pests that can result in big trouble. ● Sustaining the beauty of public property like a garden, playground, swimming pool and more.
  • Creating a schedule to get the property checked from time to time.

These are some common measures that have to be taken care of in a hospitality building or residential building.

There are several more things to be kept in mind before renting out to tenants. Some major points to keep in mind are –

  1. To check the water supply is regular or not.
  2. To repair the minor cracks and get the house paint.
  3. Checking over the electricity supply in your area.
  4. Examining the taps and showers.
  5. Checking on to the floor cracks and tiles to prevent forthcoming issues. 6. To clean the clogged gutters, leakages and trapped water

Being responsible before any uncertainty occurs is a responsible step. After renting out the property the owner must:-

  • Create an agreement and check the lease.
  • To check over the premises after the tenancy is commenced and make sure that they take care of the house and being responsible for damage to the property. ● The agreement can cover several conditions like rent and what if the tenant fails to pay the rent.
  • The landlord cannot enter the house without the permission of the tenant as they are living and has control over it.

All of this is covered under various acts to provide legal rights to both tenant and landlord so that transparency can be maintained and any void situation can be treated in future. The overall maintenance of the property prevents risks. Several companies are serving such services and also different apps that unlock such service directly on your phone. How great is that?

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