The Practical Approach to Selling

Home is where the heart is. Everyone experiences this when they own their dwelling at some point in their life. The word “home” is in fact among the most emotionally weighted words. However, this changes once that dwelling is in the market for sale. So, if you are about to sell your home, the first step towards this journey is to stop using the word ‘home’ and use ‘house’ instead. Why? Because just like any other thing, when it is time to sell, that home is another piece of merchandise to be sold to the highest bidder. Think of it as an item instead of a living thing.

By all means, you can cherish the memories of the time spent in that home of yours. But the moment it is up for sale, you need to stop loving it like before and be practical. That house could be the biggest ticket item in your life. You may have spent a great deal of money in buying and sprucing it up. Now that the time has come to hand over it to others – your potential buyer – it is time to say goodbye and do the needed tasks.

To help you sell your “house” in the New York market, there are top real estate agents in new york city experienced in this field. However, every seller should know that the agent’s job is to show the house, find a buyer and prepare the needed contract for sale. They are there to assist you in selling the house for which you will pay a commission. Every seller and buyer should also know that real estate agents work for seller of the house, not the buyer. So, it is the seller who will pay the commission, unless there are other agreements between the buyer and seller about who will shell out this money.

In essence, the real estate agent is working for the seller, far more than for the buyer involved and hence on the side of the seller. This does not mean they will fight tooth and nail to bring in the highest bidder into the transaction. As much as an agent is a valuable tool in a successful sale, it is the duty of the seller to put the maximum effort in the process. As a seller, you cannot take rest and let the agent take in charge of the whole thing. The agent is there to make money in the same way as the seller wants to profit from the sale. But the seller has much to win or lose. For instance, a house going for $20,000 less is $20,000 less in the seller’s pocketbook and a mere $1000 less in commission. The agent would rather have the house sold than keep waiting till the magic deal appears. The lesson to be learned from this information is that, a house for sale in the market requires as much attention from the seller as the agent or broker who is in charge of the sale.

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